Thermoshirt I2 lange mouw korte rits heren
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Made from 100% polyester containing activated carbon technology, this long-sleeved base layer shirt helps to move moisture and odour away from the skin, keeping you clean and dry in the most extreme conditions. The carbon’s porous form absorbs the excess
Thermoshirt lange mouw dames i2 grijs
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Our i2 range combines innovative design with activated carbon technology to produce a clothing collection which is permanently anti-bacterial and comfortable. The porous carbon absorbs excess moisture from the body, keeping your skin warm, dry and clean t
Thermoshirt lange mouw heren i2 grijs
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This long-sleeved shirt features activated carbon, a natural material renowned for its anti-bacterial and wicking properties, ensuring moisture is kept away from the skin. The material absorbs excess moisture and odour, ideal for even the most rigorous wa